Suppliers Manual 2023

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Suppliers Manual 2023 | V.2 Annual publication Lekkerland Nederland B.V.

Suppliers Manual | 2023

Annual Publication Lekkerland Nederland B.V.

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8.6 Missing goods


Contact Details


8.7 Deposit packaging (Emballage)

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1. Introduction


8.8 Load carries

2. About Lekkerland


9. Service Level Agreement (SLA)

3. Distribution Centers


9.1 Goal

4. Sustainability


9.2 Duration of this SLA 9.3 Delivery performance (kpi’s) 9.4 Quality standards 9.5 Unforeseen quality issues 10.1 Invoicing by ED 10.2 Non-EDI Invoicing 10.3 Focus of attention 10.4 Invoicing deposit packaging

5. Quality

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20 21

5.1 Certificates

5.2 Recall 5.3 ARBO


5.4 Traceability

5.5 Alternative Suppliers 5.6 Data / confidentiality

10. Invoicing

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6. Supplier management /

10 10

Master data

6.1 Supplier Management 6.2 Product Management 10 6.3 Product specifications 12 6.4 Price mutations 12


10.5 Invoicing non-tradeable goods 23 10.6 Forwarding deliveries 23

7. Ordening Method

12 12

11. Signing Form


7.1 Ordening

7.2 Delivery days and times per DC




1: Rolling load carriers 2: Dolly en Kegs procedure 3: Aloowed Pool-Kegs 4: Overview rcall costs 5: Deviation portal manual

8. Delivery Criteria


8.1 Deliveries 14 8.2 Handling inbound goods 14 8.3 Lekkerland Supply Chain 14 8.4 General deliveries matters 15 8.5 Unloading goods and SSCC labeling 15

This document is subject to change and no rights can be derived from this.

Suppliers Manual | 2023 Annual Publication Lekkerland Nederland B.V.

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Supply Chain Management

Accounts Payable

Category Manager Bread & Channel Developement Channel Tijn Cardinaal M 06 1586 1200

Contact Details Lekkerland Nederland B.V. Postbus 128 - 5690 AC Son Ekkersrijt 7601 - 5692 HR Son T 040 264 44 00


Invoices should be sent to: And to be addressed to: Lekkerland Nederland B.V. Attn. Accounts Payable Ekkersrijt 7601 5692 HR Son Manager Accounts Payable Gerrie Derksen M 06 1191 8825 Manager Master Data Merijn Kattenbelt M 06 5200 5942


Category Manager Non Food & Solutions Natasja Onderwater M 06 5329 0216 Category Support Foodservice T 088 747 41 10

Valuable Paper cvb.tabak.waardepapieren.nonfood@lekker

Purchasing & Category Management

Cooled Products (Fresh) & Frozen

Category Management Confectionary & Beverages

Supply Chain Manager Bas van der Heijden M 06 31 00 13 02 Supply Chain Coördinator Gisbert Smink T 040 264 4867 Teamlead Supply Chain Management Ruud Ickenroth T 040 294 3041 Joost van Vinken T 040 294 3019

Category Group Manager Eelco de Vries M 06 1156 8132 Category Manager Beverages Sjoerd Kirkels M 06 5494 5171 Category Manager Confectionary Bas van Moll M 06 2956 1187 Category Support Confectionary & Beverages Niels Tetteroo M 06 8102 4894

Category Management Tobacco

Category Group Manager Erik Wijnia M 06 2958 0906

Distributions Centers

Category Manager Tobacco Patrick van den Bergh M 06 1566 9047

Lekkerland DC Son Ekkersrijt 7601 5692 HR Son T 088 747 41 00

Category Support Tobacco

Postbus 17 5690 AA Son

Lekkerland DC Waddinxveen Distributieweg 8 2724 RB Waddinxveen T 088 747 41 00

Customer Service

Category Management Electronic Value

Sales Manager Electronic Value Anne Kasperaitis M 06 5257 1486 Category Manager EVA Ellen Brouns M 06 5424 4025 Category Coördinator EVA Kristel Sandberg M 06 2159 6131

Postbus 68 2740 AB Waddinxveen

T 088 747 41 00

Category Management Fresh & Frozen, Non Food, Wholesale

Lekkerland DC Meppel Industrieweg 36 7944 HS Meppel T 088 747 41 00

Category Group Manager Chris de Groot M 06 5117 9530

Quality Management

Postbus 200 7940 AE Meppel

Quality Manager Peter Wijlaars M 06 5424 4002

Category Manager AGF, Snacks, Meat & Fish Patrick van Leijenhorst M 06 5479 3176

Consultant Quality Mike Schoonderwoerd M 06 5067 7174

Suppliers Manual | 2023 Annual Publication Lekkerland Nederland B.V.

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1. Introduction

3. Distribution Centers We deliver goods. On time, efficiently and of the highest quality. Whether fresh, frozen or non-frozen products, integrated supply chain management solutions or parcel dispatch – our customers can rely fully on the logistics competence of Lekkerland. We find optimal solutions for all our customers – and we always want to be “your most convenient partner” in the field of logistics. In order to guarantee outstanding delivery quality and performance always, our warehouses are positioned regionally. It is our aim to always be as close as possible to our customers. Our modern logistics centers work with efficient warehouse and picking systems. Distribution Centre Son DC Son is the largest DC of Lekkerland with 30.250 m² of storage. The warehouse has a chilled storage area and frozen storage area of 1.800 m². Around 200 employees take care of the daily flow of goods. Aside from the full-service operation (tobacco, confectionary, drinks, chilled and frozen goods) for the region South- Netherlands also national logistics are All national activities are picked per customer get distributed to the regional DC’s in a cross-dock operation. Distribution Centre Waddinxveen This modern DC of 20.000 m² has a frozen area of 3500 m² and a chilled warehouse of around 3000 m². Around 250 employees take care of the daily flow of goods. Every week they collect around 600.000 colli. DC Waddinxveen supplies their customers on a daily base using 58 trucks, including 14 trucks that are suitable for chilled and frozen products. Distribution Centre Meppel Our smallest DC in Meppel has a storage capacity of around 10.000 m² It has a chilled warehouse of around 280m² and a frozen area of around 560m². Around 150 employees collect around 290.000 colli of confectionary, tobacco, chilled and frozen goods. With 37 cars, of which 11 are suitable for frozen/chil led goods they supply the customers on a daily base. These customers include different industries including petrol-stations, candy stores, tobacco shops, super markets and so on. organized from DC Son. • Slow movers ambient • Convenience (Single item picking) • Bonded warehouse • Customer specific private label goods • Car care

In order to help our clients to become more successful, Lekkerland connects with suppliers and service partners. This way we enhance each other’s strengths during times full of opportunities. We deliver solutions, not just products. We think ahead and look beyond just the product. We know our customers and the challenges their stores face. Therefore, we offer not just popular and successful How do we do that? With our custom-made concepts and services. This way we create added value for all our partners – ranging from suppliers to service partners up to our customers. We aspire to become ‘your most convenient partner’ for all our customers providing the best quality and service. Therefore, we require you as a supplier to meet the same high norms and standards that we also ask ourselves: A full-service specialist providing the highest quality while meeting international standards combined with regional flexibility. This manual provides general information, rules and guidelines that apply to Lekkerland Netherlands. It complements the general terms and conditions of Lekkerland and applies to all the contracts of Lekkerland Netherlands. We are free to make changes to these terms and conditions. If necessary, a new version will be released. You can find the latest version of this document on our website: 2. About Lekkerland Lekkerland is the specialist for on-the-go consumption in five European countries. In 2021, our 5,100 employees delivered to over 74,500 points of sale across Europe. Group sales amounted to EUR 13.7 billion. Since 2020, Lekkerland has been part of the REWE Group, one of the leading food retail and tourism groups in Germany and Europe. In 2021, the company achieved total sales of more than EUR 76.5 billion. Founded in 1927, the REWE Group is represented in 22 European countries with more than 380,000 employees. products but also our knowhow and years of experience in the on-the-go consumption.

Suppliers Manual | 2023

Annual Publication Lekkerland Nederland B.V.

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If, on the instructions of the manufacturer/ supplier or another authorized customer, products must be recalled from customers or distribution centers of Lekkerland Nederland B.V., the resulting costs will be charged to the relevant supplier. Lekkerland has standard price rates for this including fixed and variable component. In attachment 4 you can find an overview of the calculation used in case of a recall. This document is subject to change and no rights can be derived from this attachment. Our quality manager will send you a specification of the costs afterwards. If you would like to know more about Lekkerland’s recall procedure, please ask the Quality Manager. Lekkerland works according to the Dutch working conditions legislations (Arbo). We assume that all our suppliers work according this legislation and take responsibility for it. Regarding lifting weights, the legislation has a maximum of 23 kg per colli (if it is manageable) per person. Shipping displays cannot always meet this limit. We expect you to follow the following guidelines (contact us if this is not possible): 5.3 ARBO (health and safety legislation)

Your contact at Lekkerland will send you a questionnaire with specific questions about the use of the packaging materials. Please help us by answering these questions and send it back to us. The questionnaire can also be found online at lekkerland. nl/assortiment/onze-leveranciers. For more information about the ways we can work together, please contact our CR Officer, Olga den Boer at 5. Quality We do everything to make our customers successful. Store owners and managers trust and depend on the quality we provide. We therefore need products and deliveries of the highest constant quality. This is why quality management is very important for Lekkerland. Quality in the area of all processes, continuous improvement is what drives us. Lekkerland is certified according to strict globally recognised standards and is challenged om compliance of those rules regularly. ISO 9001 Our processes comply to international norms for quality management systems. We improve our processes on a continuous base. ISO 14001 Lekkerland works with a quality-management system for environmental management according to the ISO 14001 standard. We are currently certified to the current ISO 14001:2015 standard. This ensures we manage and improve our environmental performance. Lekkerland may only do business with suppliers who can also guarantee the food safety of their products, i.e. they comply with the provisions of the Commodities Act (Warenwet). The supplier is therefore responsible for ensuring that the goods that are delivered to Lekkerland comply with all the legal requirements. Skal Lekkerland is SKAL certified. If you deliver organic products to Lekkerland, you should enclose a copy of your SKAL certificate prior to the first delivery. Please send this to 5.1 Certificates BRC Storage & distribution Lekkerland is BRC certified. This means that

GDP We follow the quality guidelines fort the correct distribution of medicine and medicine related products. Lean & Green We are affiliated to Lean and Green Logistics. This means that we follow a CO2 reduction program and are actively involved to make our logistics processes more sustainable. Lekkerland Nederland B.V. conforms to the principles and guidelines of the Dutch Food Retail Association (CBL). In the event of a recall, the Quality Manager and the responsible Category Manager at Lekkerland Neder land B.V. should be informed, both by email and by telephone. As regards Quality Manager, the e-mail address is QM@ and the telephone number 06-54244002. Calling both contacts is necessary as e-mails are not read immediately, so the recall procedure cannot be initiated immediately. The possible consequences of this include. That: • Customers and the internal organisation are informed too late; • The goods are not blocked in time and delivered as yet; • The NVWA imposes a fine because a report was not made to the NVWA in time. It is of (vital) importance that a recall is processed immediately and adequately and we therefore urge you to urge you to take the appropriate steps and inform other stakeholders in your organisation accordingly. If the above agreements are not complied with, any fine imposed by the NVWA, be passed on to you as the supplier. 5.2 Recall

4. Sustainability At Lekkerland, sustainability is about much more than just logistics. It’s a driving force behind everything we do. We are constantly working on new developments, translating them into smart solutions and continuing to expand our sustainability policy. Ultimately, we want to bring more efficiency and more innovation to every process in our chain. Not just for ourselves, but for our partners too. Together, we will build a strong, sustainable relationship, and our initiatives are helping them to be more conscious, greener, and more successful. High-quality products delivered to the right place at the right time delivery is the standard we set. But our product responsibility doesn’t end as soon as an order is delivered. We champion transparency and actively engage with our suppliers and customers – on how we can prevent food waste, how we can return, reuse, and recycle packaging materials, and more. We even offer circular solutions for various waste streams, so we can give waste a new lease of life. Lekkerland wants suppliers to get involved and play a firm role in achieving the sustainable ambitions that we have set for the following key areas.

Total weight per pallet in KG


> 23

It must be transportable on a roll cage equipped with handles and must be manageable by one person. It must be transportable on a roll cage. On all 4 sides it should be clearly marked: Attention - Heavy (Let op - zwaar). Only allowed with per mission of Lekkerland Category Manager. The display needs to be sepa rated from the goods.

23 < x < 60

> 60

On the way to zero emissions: • Products are as climate-neutral as possible thanks to our efficient use of energy, including renewable energy. • We use sustainable transport efficiently to move our goods. Use each product consciously: • Strive for as much circularity in the chain as possible when it comes to using materials • Reduce our usage of materials such as packaging • Opt for recycled material (recyclate) and easily recyclable material (no compound materials and no single-use materials) first. • Reuse or recycle materials when we have finished with them.

Suppliers Manual | 2023

Annual Publication Lekkerland Nederland B.V.

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5.4 Traceability

Products that should be stored and kept at room temperature, such as sweets, drinks, food/ non-food, and tobacco. Chilled Products that should be stored and transported in a chilled condition (minimum 0°C and maximum 7°C), such as bread rolls, salads, and dairy products. Chilled products are delivered either as a central delivery to Waddinxveen, in accordance with the agreed order and delivery schedule (DC delivery), or as a decentralized delivery to Meppel, Son and Waddinxveen, in accordance with the agreed order and delivery schedule. This takes place at least six times a week (cross-dock customer level or Pick to Zero) or is delivered centrally to Waddinxveen in accordance with the agreed order and delivery schedule. Products that must be stored and transported in a frozen condition (maximum -18 °C), such as impulse buy and other ice creams and pizzas.

commercial conditions we will handle this by creating a specific accounts payable number. The full responsibility regarding residual stock and price mutations is for the customer. With customer specific products Lekkerland only acts according to the information provided by the client, not by de supplier. Therefore, all mutations have to be communicated with the client directly. Visuals All new and changed products should also be accompanied by a digital image. The image must have a resolution of at least 300 dpi. The product images should be saved in JPEG format with minimum compression and, therefore, maximum quality. If you are unable to provide the correct image, we can take the photograph for you. In that case, we would like to receive a sample of the relevant product. You will be charged for the costs incurred.

• In order to maintain and enhance our food safety program we need information about your quality system and the products you deliver to us. If your products could form a risk regarding food safety, you will receive an email with an invitation to our online form. We ask you to fill in this form and to include the required certificates in the attachment. You will receive a confirmation from our quality department including your information. • A Stationery with the company letterhead and/or a copy of a recent bank statement (not older than three months) containing all details including IBAN number, BIC code, and VAT number. You can send these to your Lekkerland contact person, either by post at the same time as the supplier form or Lekkerland does not purchase products directly from suppliers/producers located outside the EU or EEA; products are placed on the Dutch, European, or EEA markets through intermediaries first. If the supplier is not an EU or EEA-based producer (within the meaning of Book 6, Article 187, paragraph 2 or paragraph 3 of the Dutch Civil Code) of the products delivered to Lekkerland, the supplier must notify Lekkerland prior to the first delivery. In such cases, Lekkerland reserves the right to terminate the agreement without being liable for damages. L ekkerland wishes to use a single source for supplying product data, namely GS1 Data Source. GS1 Data Source ensures the exchange of generic article data, on which suppliers and buyers have made agreements Listing new products Condition for admission: for a period of eight months, Lekkerland receives a 100% return right at no cost on our part. After these 8 months we will decide on definite listing. Delisting products In case you decide to delist a product, we require you to notify your contact person of category management in writing 8 weeks in advance. Also include the reasons for delisting and define possible alternatives. Product categories Within Lekkerland we distinguish the following product categories (next page). We assume that you will deliver all our 3 DC’s. However, depending on the agreements made with our supply chain department, delivery on 1 DC is also possible. If you want to deliver to 1 DC, we will charge you our handling costs. Please contact our supply chain department for more information. 6.2 Product Management


The traceability of the products based on best before date and lot codes are the responsibility of the supplier.


5.5 Alternative Suppliers

If you decide to use an alternative supplier, you should always do this with permission of the quality management and category management department. You will remain responsible for the agreement.

5.6 Data / confidentiality:

The supplier ensures that it treats all data, including personal data, provided by Lekkerland confidentially and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

6. Supplier management / Master data As a Lekkerland supplier you are responsible for the correct, timely and complete supply of data and to report any changes as soon as possible. Our Category Support department represents the commercial activities of the category management department including data processing of supplier information and all information concerning products. For some key-accounts we have special service teams that are responsible for data processing of supplier information and all information concerning customer specific products. Please go to chapter 6.2 for more information. To ensure comprehensive accounts payable management, the following details should be provided to register as a new supplier for Lekkerland or to report any changes: • The supplier details should be provided in full, using the supplier form. The most recent version of the form can be downloaded from assortiment/onze-leveranciers. digitally as a PDF file. • Also, you need to approve this supplier manual. You can do this by signing chapter 11 of this document. The form can be filled in manually and scanned or downloaded from: assortiment/onze-leveranciers/. 6.1 Supplier Management


Slow movers Products with a slow turnover speed are handled through the central warehouse. The warehouse makes these products nationally available. The listing of new ambient products will start from the slow-mover warehouse in Son. We charge a surcharge per product unit for this facility. Every six months, measurements are taken to determine which products have mutated from being a slow mover to be a standard product (in stock in all the DCs), and vice versa. Customer specific products These products are available to only one customer and will not be mentioned in our product catalogue. They need to have an

unique EAN-code on the box, as well on the consumer’s unit. If commercial agreements deviate from regular

Suppliers Manual | 2023 Annual Publication Lekkerland Nederland B.V.

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6.3 Product specifications

deviations are found to the specifications, we will charge the incurred costs to the supplier. • You give Lekkerland, or a party appointed by Lekkerland, permission to carry out an audit at your company into compliance with the provisions of the Commodities Act (Warenwet) and BRC requirements. Test reports can always be requested by Lekkerland. • In the event of ‘faulty’ production, the product may never be re-sold to other parties in Lekkerland packaging or with a Lekkerland label. • Price changes for Lekkerland Nederland B.V. should be communicated at least eight weeks prior to the first Monday of the month. During December and January, we will not handle price mutations. • Changes to prices for customer-specific items are not handled by Lekkerland, but should be submitted to the customer. Lekkerland only makes changes on behalf of the customer. • Price changes for Maxxam and its members should be communicated at least eight weeks prior to this first Monday of the month. • You should provide the price mutation both digitally (editable Excel file) and hard copy, including an explanation for the price mutation. • Changes to prices for customer-specific items are not handled by Lekkerland, but should be submitted to the customer. Lekkerland only makes changes on behalf of the customer. 7. Ordening Method 7.1 Ordening The exchange of orders, order confirmations, delive ries and invoices between supplier and Lekkerland preferably takes place electronically by means of EDI messages. We use the following type of EDI-messa ging: • Invoices: We prefer ordering through EDI. If you use EDI you also have to use DESADV (including response messages, receiptmessage and invoice messages) • In case of a malfunction, as a result of which orders do not follow through, we will order through an alternative method. There will always be contact between our supply chain department and the contact person of the supplier. 6.4 Price mutations • Orders: template ORDERS • Receipt confirmation: template APERAK • Shipping notices: template DESADV

As a supplier you are responsible for the delivery and maintenance of product specifications and information via GS1 Data Source and/or PS in Foodservice! We will inform you about additional requests and trust you to handle this with our client directly. Hazardous & chemical substances You should state on the Lekkerland product form whether the product concerns a hazardous substance and, if it does, you should include the correct UN number. When sending the completed product form, you should also include the corresponding material data safety sheet (SDS) in Dutch, as required by Dutch law. These should preferably be delivered in digital format. Hazardous substances that are delivered to Lekkerland without a material data safety sheet will be refused. Non-Food products Non-food products must bear a CE mark, as required by European legislation. Tobacco Cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco produced after 20 May 2019 must have a Track & Trace code (in accordance with Article 15(12) of the Tobacco Products Directive 2014/40/EU). This is a ‘unique identification mark (UI)’: an alphanumeric code that allows a unit packet or an aggregate packet of tobacco products to be identified. From 1 January 2020, Lekkerland will no longer accept cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco products without this Track & Trace code. Private Label Agreements concerning a Private Label account apply as agreed with the account concerned. The conditions set out below apply to Lekkerland Private Label products: • Prior to entering into a contract with Lekkerland, you should always send one sample for assessment and testing to the Lekkerland Quality Management department in Son. Samples should meet the required specifications. • You are responsible for providing Lekkerland with up-to-date product information sheets of all Private Label products prior to the first delivery. These should preferably be delivered in digital format. • In the event of changes to the product information sheets of products that you deliver/ are going to deliver to us, you should always immediately provide Lekkerland with the updated product information sheets. These should preferably be delivered in digital format. • You give Lekkerland permission to have your Private Label products tested by an external laboratory. If

7.2 Delivery days and times per DC

Our warehouses are open for deliveries from Monday to Friday. The overview below shows the current situation on d.d. October 2022 and is subject to changes. Adjustments to the schedule will be commu nicated timely. In case of holidays we will contact you about adjusted delivery schedules. For crossdock and pick to zero we apply different time frames, and deliveries in the weekend can be neces sary. Time frames will be determined after consulting your supply chain department and can be subject to changes.

Location DC



Fresh (chilled)



06:00 - 13:30

06:00 - 12:30

does not apply

12:00 - 14:00

Waddinnxveen (regular warehouse) Waddinxveen (HEMA ambient ware house)

06:00 - 12:00

06:00 - 12:00

06:00 - 10:00

08:00 - 12:00

06:00 - 12:00 (No deliveries on Fridays) 06:00 - 12:00 (No deliveries on Fridays)

does not apply

does not apply

does not apply


06:30 - 12:00

does not apply

does not apply

Suppliers Manual | 2023

Annual Publication Lekkerland Nederland B.V.

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Only the driver is permitted to enter the Lekkerland premises. For safety reasons, other people must remain in the lorry/truck during the unloading pro cess. Lekkerland has strict rules concerning external parties entering the premises. Your driver or logistics service provider must, therefore, always observe and follow the instructions given and the lines marked on the ground. Stock products must be delivered on pallets, and cross-dock deliveries must be delivered on roll cages. If your goods are to be delivered on pallets, then a pallet may only contain one product. The type of pallet may differ for each DC, but Lekkerland prefers Euro pool pallets (CHEP, IPP, LPR euro pallets) If you deliver multiple products per pallet, the different products must be separated by a pallet in between. Deliveries that do not meet this requirement must be restacked by you. The pallet height may differ for each DC, but the maximum height is 1.80 m. The supplier must be able to unload the pallets and must therefore have a pallet truck available. Cross-dock deliveries must be made on Lekkerland roll cages. Orders must be delivered separately per DC, per route, and per customer. Each crate must state a route number, route serial number, account number, the delivering Lekkerland DC, the date of receipt by the customer and the number of crates. Each barrel delivered must be provided with a barrel ticket with the following details: • Date / DC / debtor number / route / sequence number / numbering (1 of...) • Barcode EAN 128 for Scan/SSCC purposes Chilled products are delivered in three different ways • As a central delivery to Waddinxveen, according to the agreed order and delivery schedule (DC delivery), or • As a decentralized delivery to Meppel, Son, and Waddinxveen, according to the agreed order and delivery schedule at least six times a week (cross-dock customer level) • As a central delivery to Waddinxveen, according to the agreed order and delivery schedule at least six times a week (Pick to Zero). The driver should always report to a Lekkerland employee before unloading. For chilled and frozen deliveries, the driver should preferably hand over a temperature logging document of the lorry/truck upon arrival at Lekkerland DC. The delivery temperature of Chilled products should be a minimum of 2°C and a maximum of 7°C. The maximum temperature of Frozen products is -18°C.

• Access to the platform via your browser: where and when you want.

use-by date). Central delivery is to one of the three warehouses of Lekkerland, after which we arrange the delivery to the other DCs (e.g. from Son to Waddinx veen). The refrigerated and frozen warehouses available make it possible to transship conditioned products. We offer this service at competitive rates compared to self-delivering to 3 DC’s When you deliver goods to a Lekkerland DC, you must observe and conform to the general guidelines. These guidelines have also been sent separately to all our suppliers, (they are also posted at the entrance to the Goods Receipt): • You are obliged to observe general standards of conduct; treat others as you expect to be treated. • The maximum speed for trucks on the Lekkerland premises is walking pace. Pedestrians always have priority. • Lekkerland expects you to keep the premises neat and tidy and to not leave any waste whatsoever. • Safety shoes and vests are compulsory on the Lekkerland premises. • Deliveries must always be made on the agreed date and within the agreed time slot. Exceptions are only possible in the event of an emergency and if the capacity planning of the DC allows it. • Changes or deviations to planned orders must be reported at least 48 hours in advance to the Lekker land Central Stock Management department. Make sure you have the correct paperwork and the correct references. • Always sign up with a worker of the collection Receipt Goods department first • Always sort pallet places based on the instructions of the Lekkerland employee • Multiple goods on one pallet are only allowed when an intermediate pallet is applied • To protect the goods from splinters, we prefer a layer of paper/carbon on the bottom of wooden pallets • Always discuss the return of deposit packaging with the employee of goods receipt first. Food deliveries must not take place together with hazardous substances or in a contaminated vehicle. Contamination includes: leaks, hazardous substances, pungent odours from, for example: fish, meat, chemicals, etc. 8.4 General deliveries matters

8. Delivery Criteria Lekkerland is always in the lead when it comes to logistics. Together with our supply chain department you can discuss the location of delivery (for instance to 1 or more DC’s), the frequency of delivery, and the moment of delivery (data and time). This also accounts for customer specific suppliers. Special requests should be discussed with our Supply chain department timely in order to create a beneficial situation for both parties. • When you receive your Lekkerland order, you will receive an order number. This number should be stated on both the transport document and on your invoice. • Deviations in orders we have placed should be reported to the Central Stock Management department at least 48 hours prior to delivery. • Deviations that have an order lead time of less than 24 hours should be reported before 5:00 PM on the day the order is received. • The delivery day/time slot of the order are stated on every order confirmation. • In the event of deviation from the requested delivery day/time slot without prior notification, Lekkerland reserves the right to refuse the delivery or to charge the extra costs. If customer orders of Lekkerland suffer as a result of an inadequate delivery, the supplier will be charged for the additional costs incurred. • As a supplier, you are responsible for ensuring that the correct instructions are passed on to your logistics service provider (order number, delivery day, time slot, etc.). • To ensure a safe working environment, all vehicle drivers must able to speak at least Dutch or English. If this is not the case, Lekkerland is entitled to deny the driver entry. • One CMR per packing slip is required. If a CMR concerns several packing slips, each packing slip number must be unique and stated in full on the relevant CMR. To ensure better planning and handling of our inbound goods, we use a time slot management system, which is one of the terms for delivery to Lekkerland Nederland B.V. We use Mercareon, a TRANSPOREON Group solution. More information about Mercareon can be found at How does it work? You or in the case of outsourcing, your transport service provider, first register as a user. MERCAREON subsequently provides the user with: 8.1 Deliveries 8.2 Handling inbound goods

• Online booking options for time slots. • A simple online communication tool.

Once you receive an order from Lekkerland Nederland B.V. you can book a time slot via the system. The following information is required for the booking: the Lekkerland Nederland order number and the ‘AMOUNT OF GOODS’ expressed in pallets. If several orders are delivered by one vehicle – even from different supplier partners – Mercareon offers the option to combine these orders, so that only one time slot is needed. This allows the Goods Receipt department of Lekkerland Nederland to properly prepare for delivery, which will reduce both the error rate and the processing time. There are no waiting times, because bookings via the Mercareon time slot management system are always given priority, which is an advantage to you. After registration, Mercareon will be the contracting party when it comes to the use of the system. Mercareon is also the contracting party with whom you work. A fee of €2.50 will be charged for each reserved time slot. Mercareon GmbH sends the invoice on a monthly basis, directly to the company that made the booking. Rebooking or cancellation of time slots will not be charged. There are no further costs associated with the use of Mercareon and the support that MERCAREON offers its customers. Lekkerland Logistics Lekkerland offers various services and customized warehousing and logistics solutions for food and non-food items in the convenience and retail sector. Because we have such a close-knit distribution network and operate multi-temperature distribution (3Ts; product groups ambient/sustainable, fresh & frozen in 1 stop), we offer the following logistics services: Inbound Logistics/Backhaul Logistics Lekkerland offers the possibility for backhauling (ambient/ sustainable, fresh & frozen). Lekkerland manages the inbound flow of your goods to our distribution centers. We plan these pick-ups based on existing distribution routes as much as possible. We not only provide this service to the suppliers of Lekkerland Wholesale, but also to the supplier to your own or external warehouse. We offer this service at competitive and attractive rates. Cross-dock Logistics Our warehouses are extremely suitable for handling cross-dock shipments. This is a very interesting way of providing logistics services, especially for goods with small volumes and high turnover rates (e.g. due to 8.3 Lekkerland Supply Chain

8.5 Unloading goods and SSCC labeling

Unloading of goods On arrival, you should be able to unload at a Lek kerland DC dock. Delivery by lorry/truck is the only option. If an exception needs to be made, this is only possible with the cooperation of the Lekkerland Sup ply Chain.

Suppliers Manual | 2023

Annual Publication Lekkerland Nederland B.V.

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The following requirements also apply: • There must always be a contrast between the bar code and the background (the packaging). • Ensure that the area around the barcode is brighter in contrast • The barcode must be in the top right-hand corner on each side of the packaging. • Barcodes are printed on straight sides and not on bumpy areas (creases). Articles that are unexpectedly delivered with a deviation from the logistical conditions / EAN master data and barcode are reported upon receipt of goods via a standard process as a deviation in our ERP system Legmis, with photos as evidence on the CargoSnap web page. material on the CargoSnap web portal: On this deviation portal all reported information comes together automatically. A direct link to photos can be found as evidence for reports and both internal and external parties can work in the same file, so that synchronisation problems between different forms of administration are a thing of the past. The portal also provides mail triggers towards the responsible Lekkerland HK department and suppliers in case of new notifications or important updates in a file. The aim of the portal is transparency and ease of use in the follow-up of deviations, to ultimately minimise the lead time from report to solution and eliminate deviations in the future, so that scanning can be structurally applied as an assurance tool in all warehouse processes.

Deliveries are checked for their best-before date, HACCP, quantity, and physical condition. The goods are not accepted if defects are identified upon receipt. In consultation, it is determined whether a new delivery should be sent immediately or whether the goods are reordered. Breakages that are discovered later and which can be attributed to the supplier will be returned, and the full costs must be reimbursed. If a delivery contains more than one best-before date, this should be stated on the delivery note. Also, products with different THTs should be separated by pallet. Lekkerland only accepts deliveries based on chronological best-before dates and best-before dates which meet the agreed minimum best-before date upon delivery at the DC. Your products should be appropriately packed in relation to the weight and the nature of the product, so that the products can be stacked and can be delivered to Lekkerland customers without being damaged. This means that the products must be sufficiently protected against breakage/damage during normal handling during the entire logistic process of receipt, storage, order picking, and transport on mixed roll cages. When goods and/or packaging is delivered or returned, both an employee of the Lekkerland Goods Receipt department and the driver must sign the delivery note. EAN Barcode Lekkerland strives for the perfect order and to be the most convenient partner. Part of this vision is flawless logistics, delivering what the customer ordered on time. To ensure that the right articles are collected, the objective is to run as many logistics transactions as possible via article EAN scan confirmation. To make this possible, a GS1-compliant barcode on all packaging levels and corresponding EAN master data are required. All delivered packaging units (consumer units, order units, transport boxes, displays, etc.) should have an EAN with a scannable barcode. The barcode should be printed on all sides of the packaging, except the top and bottom. The barcode must be scannable with minimum dimensions for the barcode 37.29 mm (L) by 22.85 mm (W). These dimensions may be increased by a maximum of 100%.

8.6 Missing goods

8.7 Deposit packaging (Emballage)

A full list should be available that can be used to check the inbound goods. Lekkerland checks the number of barrels upon receipt. The basic premise is that the manufacturer remains responsible for the contents of the barrels. The contents are not checked by Lekkerland. • All barrels must be checked when the goods are received using the barrel lists included by the manufacturer and by scanning the delivered barrels. • Any defects should be specified on the manufacturer’s delivery note when the goods are delivered by the manufacturer to a DC. The driver is obliged to wait for this. • If products are out-of-stock during production or pick-up, manufacturers should inform us of this daily by e-mail. We expect to receive a report from XD (cross-dock) via EDI and feedback about the quantities delivered per customer (DESADV). • If this is not possible yet, reporting must take place via e-mail. These reports must be sent to the Customer Service department before 9:00 AM per DC, stating the product and the route number. • The means of transport by which goods are delivered must be clean and free of abnormal odors.

Lekkerland prefers the use of Euro size pool pallets (CHEP, IPP and LPR). EPAL/White euro pallets are only exchanged. In principle, Lekkerland does not accept any billing of packaging regarding Euro pallets. If exchange pallets are not available, the supplier will receive a voucher. This Voucher is valid for a maximum of 1 month after issuance. This only applies to the deliveries in our ambient and chilled DC’s. It does not apply to frozen deliveries. For more information about pool systems we refer to attachment 5 for contact information. Suppliers that use EPS or CBL crates should confirm to the agreements of the pool provider. This agreement includes registration and a valid contract for the requested number of crates. Lekkerland only returns crates (type + number) to suppliers when a collection order is provided by the pool provider. This applies to crates, dolly’s and pallets. We do not allow delivery in other types of crates. Availability and the value of the packaging (emballage) is always the responsibility of the supplier and pool provider. More information regarding procedures of pool providers is provided in attachment 3. Lekkerland prefers EDI-messaging in the ordering process. This applies to orders, receipt information, send messaging and alignment of the EDI connection will happen in collaboration with Lekkerland. You can find the EDI questionnaire at www.lekkerland. nl/assortiment/onze-leveranciers. For questions and remarks you can contact

A manual can be found at the back of this supplier manual.

SSCC-labeling The use of SSCC labeling is mandatory. This applies to all deliveries, both ambient/sustainable, fresh and frozen, not only to barrels. Scanning GS1 labels with SSCC codes and booking goods immediately saves time and money. This solution allows companies to bring their flow of administration fully in line with the flow of goods.

Suppliers Manual | 2023

Annual Publication Lekkerland Nederland B.V.

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and thermally (by melting) or with a metal seal.

8.8 Load carries

With heavy profiles (>60kg) we suggest that you use cardboard corner profiles. These cause more tension on the straps without cutting in the display. It also causes a better distribution of the pressure which results in more stability. Display delivery on pallet We require 4 display pallets per EURO-pallet upon delivery. To allow easy stacking of the displays with a forklift truck, the displays must be placed with the ‘ears/overhang’ facing outwards. Before transport to Lekkerland the pallets need to be wrapped in wrapping foil. If done mechanically, you must pay attention to the loading. If the wrapping is too tight, the top and the display construction can get damaged. We therefore recommend for heavy displays to add additional straps around the display and pallet. Please add the article number clearly on the ‘hat’ of the display. In case of inadequate packaging/delivery of displays, Lekkerland reserves the right to charge the resulting additional costs to the supplier Pallets Lekkerland requires all suppliers to deliver on pool pallets. Lekkerland uses 2 pallet sizes: 100 x120 (Blok pallet) and 80 x 120 cm (Euro pallet). Suppliers can use only 1 of these pallet sizes per delivery. For chilled transport (AGF excluded) delivery on 80x120 cm is required. Lekkerland uses the following pool pallets:

Suppliers can only use load carriers that are allowed by Lekkerland. Changes in type of load carriers are only allowed after consulting and approval of Lekkerland. Rolling load carriers Lekkerland uses multiple rolling load carriers; roll cages and dollies (attachment 2). For cross-dock operation the use of rolling carriers is mandatory. The maximum stacking height for suppliers upon delivery on dolly is 1,80 m. including the load carrier. Display requirements • Size requirements: Rolling display: ground sizes of 40 x 60 cm (dolly). Exceeding the ground size is not allowed. Maximum height; 1.65 meter (including undercarriage). Maximum weight; 200kg. • Undercarriage: on dollies; • The administration of Dollies is in the hands of “container centralen” More information regarding dollies at the container centralen can be found in attachment 3. • State the same information as stated on the standard packaging (article numbers, name. instructions) on 2 sides. The stickers must be readable from 7 meters distance. • Use a ‘front side indication’ on the display • The display must be transport resistant. The weight must be divided in a way that the display cannot collapse in normal handling in logistics. • The displays must be provided with 2 solid tires strapes, with extra reinforcements in the areas where the strapes tires put pressure on the top. Display construction Most of the displays are top heavy. This means that the center of gravity is in the top. This is caused by the relatively small floor area and/or empty space in the foot. From a quality & safety point of view you need to prevent the display from falling/collapsing during transport. We request the following requirements; • Staple the display structure to the display pallet • Use a firm structure with enough staple-resistance • Use a hat of corrugated board over the construction • Strap the display in plastic strips.


Blokpallet (100x120 cm)

Europallet (80x120 cm)







DPB (kunststof)


EPAL / witte EURO-pallets







Requirements for pallets • Delivered pallets need to be damage-free, dry and of good quality. For example; they should not break during handling on a DC. • We allow only one product per pallet (homogeneous pallets). We only allow combined pallets if for every new product an in between pallet will be used We do not accept mixed pallets. The homogeneity of the pallet loading should be organized in a way that after removal of any transport packaging materials,

To prevent reduction of the tension on the straps, the strapping of the display is best applied under tension

Suppliers Manual | 2023

Annual Publication Lekkerland Nederland B.V.

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the commercial product remains on the pallet as a “block”. E.g. correlated stacking.

reports within 10 working days. If you decide not to debate the performance reports within this timeframe, the performance reports will be considered valid. Lekkerland measures the performance of each deli very using established kpi’s. These KPIs are rated with a figure which is periodically shared with you--- The figures reported by Lekkerland Nederland B.V. are leading Timely delivery Timely delivery is seen as the delivery of a supplier to a warehouse of Lekkerland at goods receipt within the agreed timeframe. The timely delivery will be monitored quarterly and delivered on request. In the event of underperformance, the frequency will go up to monthly reporting. KPI Timely delivery # The amount of deliveries on time / # Total amount of deliveries * 100% Norm (after correction for calamities): Additional information • In the event of combined shipments, we will mea sure the registration of the lorry/truck, regardless which supplier will unload first. This measurement ap plies to all the suppliers that are part of the combined shipment. • When the delivery of one order is divided into mul tiple lorries/trucks or delivery times, the arrival time of the last truck, that completes the total delivery, will determine the delivery time. • If a supplier signs up early, the availability of employees and docks will determine if unloading is possible early. • In case of returns the ‘delivery time’ has to be inter preted as “pick up time”.

Delivery completeness Delivery completeness is seen as the completeness of the delivery from Supplier to a DC of Lekkerland. The Delivery completeness will be monitored on a quar terly basis. In case of structural underperformance the frequency will go up to reporting on a monthly basis. If you can notify us of defects in advance, please no tice your supply chain contact person timely KPI Delivery completeness # Amount of units delivered / # Amount of units ordered * 100% Norm (after correction for calamities):


SLA Aspect

Involved in a Recall Foreign parts found Production error Packaging error


•Any transport packaging materials (such as foil) that have been removed on the instructions of Lekkerland will be immediately taken back by the Supplier upon delivery. In addition to the request to use these foils as little as possible, we ask that the foils be as transpa rent as possible. This allows them to be recycled in an optimal way. • We do not allow any other outer packaging other than strictly necessary for stability. The use of glue between the anti-slip sheets is only permitted if strictly necessary. • We determine the maximum height of the pallet to gether with our suppliers. Determining factors are the volume and turnover rates, the physical stackability of the colli (to prevent collapsing) and the available heights in the shelves of our DC’s. Please consult our supply chain department for more information. • Products need to be stacked within the pallet dimensions. Pallets need to be stacked according to a fixed pattern in which every layer needs to contain the same amount of colli. • We do not allow pallets that exceed the maximum weight that is allowed for that type of pallet. The usual maximum weights are 1000 kg for euro pallets and 1200 kg for Blok pallets. Circumstances can vary per DC which can lead to deviations in these maximum weights. Please contact our supply chain department for more information. 9. Service Level Agreement





Mold / Decay


Contamination and damage caused by animals


Missing best-before-date



Timely delivery Action < 92 %

Every product group can have additional quality standards. We make arrangements with our suppliers about this. All costs caused by not complying with our quality agreements will be charged to Supplier. If Lekkerland receives a delivery that is (partially or as a whole) affected by decay, strong pollution of detoriation by animals/birds/insects without noticing Lekkerland beforehand, and this contains more than half of the original order, supplier will deliver the remaining products immediately. Minimum Order Quantities will not apply. For infor mation regarding our recall procedure, please refer to chapter 5. If there is a complaint regarding product quality more than 3 times in one month we will issue a penalty to supplier. The table below lists the height of the penalty:

Improvement plan required + penalty Improvement plan required

92 % - 98,5 %

> 98,5 %

Good performance

Compensation in case of underperformance In case the stated norms will not be delivered, we ap ply the following penalties: 1. When the norm will not be met during a period of a month, the supplier will deliver an improvement plan including points of improvement that will lead to compliance with KPI’s. This plan has to be shared with your contact persons within category management and supply chain. The supplier will have maximum one month to increase the delivery performance to the requested norm. 2. If for a following measurement the norm still has not been met, a penalty of €2.500,- will follow and we require an adjusted improvement plan. 3. If for a third measurement the norm still has not been met, a penalty of €5.000,- will follow and we require an adjusted improvement plan. 4. If for a fourth measurement the norm still has not been met, a penalty of €10.000,- will follow and we require an adjusted improvement plan. If the required norms are met due to the improvement plan, the scheme above will start from point 1. Any additional costs caused by a failing delivery perfor mance will be charged to the supplier.

4-5 unanimous/ comparable complaints within a calendar month 6-7 unanimous/ comparable complaints within a calendar month 8-10 unanimous/ comparable complaints within a calendar month Over 10 unanimous/ comparable complaints within a calendar month

500 euro penalty

(SLA) 9.1 Goal

750 euro penalty

For cross-dock and pick to zero

The goal of our service level agreement (later; SLA) is to optimize the qualitative aspects within supply chain from supplier to end user.

Timely delivery Action < 90 %

1.500 euro penalty

Improvement plan required + penalty Improvement plan required

9.2 Duration of this SLA

90 % - 95 %

2.500 euro penalty

The same duration is maintained as for the commer cial contract/agreements. If in the beginning of a new year, new conditions have not been signed yet, the current conditions will remain valid.

> 95 %

Good performance

For stock-products (ambient, chilled and frozen)

9.4 Quality standards

9.5 Unforeseen quality issues

9.3 Delivery performance (kpi’s)

Our quality department monitors the complaints of internal and external parties. We allocate a severity of the seriousness of the complaints in which food safety is the most important one. The table below lists the prioritizing in which 1. Involved in a recall is the heaviest complaint.

If you foresee problems regarding delivery in the delivery chain (that cause problems in delivery for example poor harvest or availability), supplier needs to inform the contact persons of Category Manage ment and Supply Chain. Please inform us 48 hours upon delivery by writing (email) and by phone. The message should contain the following subjects: • The nature of the quality issues

Timely delivery Action < 80 %

If Lekkerland receives an incomplete delivery without being noticed in advance, the remaining products must be delivered by the supplier, regardless the amount. Minimum Order Quantities do not apply in this situation. Reports provided by Lekkerland are leading. The sup plier has the possibility to debate the performance

Improvement plan required + penalty Improvement plan required

80 % - 90 %

> 90 %

Good performance

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